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Started on January 1, 1970

For the past 5 consecutive years, High Yield for AFP Success has been the UK’s only evidence-based national teaching programme for the Academic Foundation Programme, delivered by top academic clinicians in the UK, with 100s of successful candidates, from 19 different medical schools, ranking top 10 in competitive regions, including London and Oxbridge. Our outcomes have been presented at the International Medical Education Conference (IMEC) in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and published in a peer-reviewed journal (Khajuria et al, 2017), with Mr Khajuria being nominated for the UK ASME Young Medical Educator Award, Teaching Innovation and Excellence Prize and winning the Imperial Teaching Hero Award. Mr Khajuria was also invited as guest lecturer at Imperial College London to lecture on the AFP and has produced Youtube videos which have amassed roughly 30,000 views. We have also published the best-selling “AFP Secrets” Textbook that has sold over 100 copies, and thus have expertise in delivering the best content to our delegates.


It’s aim is to provide prospective candidates with non-generic, high yield guidance with focus on the individual application components – advice on white space questions, interviews and sessions on critical appraisal, emergencies, portfolios and CV building. The unique aspect of this course is the focus on helping students develop strategies/frameworks for articulating their approach to common clinical scenarios as well as on how to provide succinct summaries on academic papers – the ‘high yield’ that will score points! We will also go through how to maximise your score in the white-space section and have mock interviews and Q&A sessions providing ample opportunities for prospective candidates to seek advice from the current academic clinicians. The teaching will be delivered by successful AFP and ACF candidates from around the UK who have a track record of excellence, prizes and publications in high impact journals including Lancet and Annals of Surgery.

Other unique features:

  • Abstract/Oral presentation prize
  • Individualised CV checking service
  • Comprehensive delegate pack with past stations and model answers (one of our abstracts in last year’s pack was the same as what students got in the real thing!)
  • 1:1 mock interviews
  • Guest speaker (past examiner)
  • Lunch provided
  • Chance to win free copies of AFP Secrets textbook
  • Ongoing advice after the course through application helpline
  • High Yield advice from top scoring AFP candidates with track record of academic excellence
  • Online website for resources
  • Multiple Q&A sessions
  • Critical appraisal workshop

Academic Foundation Programme (AFP) Secrets

Our course is supported by the best-selling “AFP Secrets” Textbook authored by our Founder and Chairman, Mr Ankur Khajuria. Some of the feedback from the book is below:

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What Our Students Say






Hi Ankur, I just want to say a massive thank you to yourself and the rest of your team for your invaluable input over the last few months!! Today, I was offered my first choice job- a neurology and neuroscience AFP at the Royal Free Hospital, UCL!!!! As cheesy as it sounds, my dream has come true and I will forever be grateful for all of your support and guidance during the last few months! Please pass on my thanks to the rest of your team as well!!





Thank you again for the High Yield course 2018! It really did help get me and my colleagues who attended into the correct mindset! I really appreciated the course, especially the mock interview with the abstract (which btw, was the SAME abstract that came up in my academic interview!). I believe the course really helped me ace my clinical station. The motivation to learn the clinical emergencies & relevant drug dosages really impressed the interviewers.
My Outcome: I got my 1st Choice Job in Clinical Genetics at Tommy & Guys!

High Yield for AFP Success Team

Mr Ankur Khajuria
Dr Alice Lee
BSc (Hons) MBBS
Dr Maria Tennyson

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